Danny Bopp

Professional Stunt Driver in Los Angeles

Driving & Stunt Reel

Driving & Stunt Reel

About Danny

About Danny

With a 20 year racing career that began in go-karts and climbed all the way to ARCA and NASCAR, Danny began stunt driving in 2010. Now, he has worked in over 100 productions performing drifting, 90s, 180s, 360s, reverse 180s, off-road, race cars, near misses, crashes and has worked with all of the camera car companies.

  • Height: 6'1
  • Los Angeles
  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Valid Passport
  • NASCAR Racing License

    Productions: Danny has performed all over North America for numerous automotive clients including Ford, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Toyota, KIA, Acura and Jeep. He has also worked as a stunt double on NCIS, American Horror Story, Marvel Runaways and many more...

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Film & TV

Stunt Driver & Stunt Double

  • Hollywood - Stunt Driver
  • Made For Love - Stunt Driver
  • Ratched - Stunt Police Officer
  • Single Parents - Stunt Driver (double Taran Killam)
  • Runaways - Stunt Driver (double Gregg Sulkin)
  • Criminal Minds - Stunt Double (Daniel Robbins)
  • The Last Ship - Stunt Double (Jonathan Howard)
  • Code Black - Stunt Driver
  • Am. Horror Story - Co-Star/Stunt Driver
  • Crooked Man - Stunt Double
  • What Goes…(Pilot) - Stunt Double (Jason Lee)
  • Marry Me - Stunt Double (Mike O’Gorman)
  • NCIS - Co-Star/Stunt Driver
  • NCIS - Stunt Double (Sean Murray, 15 ep.)

Racing Experience

NASCAR, ARCA & Bandolero Series

2008-2014 NASCAR Whelen and ARCA Racing Series. Three top ten (five races)

2003-2005 USAC Ford Focus Midget Series. Seven top-ten finishes (thirteen races)

1999-2002 600 Racing Bandolero Series. Twelve wins, thirty top-five (thirty seven races)


2016 DirtFish Rally School (3 day RWD, 1 day private AWD)

2015-2017 Tom Harper’s Seat Time (20 sessions)

2015 Team Orange Drifting School at Ebisu Circuit (Japan). Instructed by Naoto Suenaga


Stunt Driver

  • KIA Sorento
  • Honda Accord Japan
  • Nissan "Ready"
  • Acura RDX “Senses”
  • MINI Cooper “Launch”
  • Buick Cascada
  • Lexus “Current”
  • Buick Running Footage
  • Toyota “Anniversary”
  • Toyota Supra
  • Mountain Dew “Heist”
  • Bridgestone Tires
  • Jake Paul “Whip This”
  • Polaris Slingshot
  • Mercedes “Heat”
  • John Deere “How Fast”
  • Jeep “Recalculate”
  • Lincoln “Balance”
  • Lexus Racing 360 VR
  • Porsche Cayenne “Lunch”
  • KIA Optima Korea
  • Wal-Mart “What?!”
  • Lexus “Guts to Glory”
  • Nissan “Good Luck”

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Stunt driving in a John Deere Commercial

Stunt double for Sean Murray on NCIS

Lexus commercial doubling James O'Halloran

Stunt driving in a Jake Paul music video

Stunt driving on NCIS with Vincent Duvall

Stunt driving on Marvel's Runaways

Stunt double for Kevin Fonteyne on NCIS

Stunt double for Mike O'Gorman on Marry Me

Playing a cop on NCIS



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